Therasage heating pads are a FIRE HAZARD

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Not only do they not honor their warranties, the worst customer service agent int he world, Melody (married or related to the owner...who else could work for these thieves but a family of them?)

They insisted I send back the heating pad that shocked me and starting burning ff the backing exposing the wires.....not good, when you're talking heating pads and electricity. I send it at my own expense,(even though I was promised a refund) they refused to fix it, tried to blame it on me and never sent it back.

Too much evidence of shoddy work and clear evidence of a fire hazard since you can see the wires on the back. I was actually shocked when I plugged it in and never did so again.

The are the worst and they don't care about their mostly ill customers. Guess they hope they die before they can sue them.

Don't buy from these rip off artists. You will regret it, if not sooner, than probably the day after your warranty runs out, even though it's useless because they won't honor the warranty. Picture added was of yet another pad I bought that burned up the backing of the pad. Can't keep that one out of the evidence file thieves.

Pictures depict backing peeling away from over heating of a pad I couldn't even use above 4, when it went up to's over rated, over priced garbage. Don't risk your life or your home on this piece of you know what.

Review about: Therasage Calming Pads Heating Pads.

Monetary Loss: $750.



I hope they have changed their ways. A bad comment can cause a lot of lost business.

I know I am leery now of making a purchase. Need companies to stand behind the products they sell.

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